Ashleigh Pressey

Thank you for visiting my page!

I am a potter and maker of handmade goods in Calgary, AB. I graduated from the Alberta College of Arts & Design in 2011 with a BFA, majoring in Ceramics. Since then, I have spent time working on my craft and growing my family. I have also developed a deep passion for cooking, preparing food and bringing people around the table, which changed the way I created and used my functional pottery.  I am dedicated to creating objects that people use on a daily basis, enhancing lives and spaces.

Lemonbutter is an homage to my two babies. Lemon was my baby's nickname for 6 months before he was born, as he was the size of a lemon the day we told our parents we were expecting. Butters is my first baby, in the form of a loveable terrier/husky rescue dog. They are two of my greatest motivators in life, besides my loving husband, Josh. Everything I create is with them in mind.

Please check out my upcoming events to see my creations in person, or visit my Etsy page to do some online shopping.